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Our Story

We make dog food and treats that are (actually) good for your dogs tummy, coat, poo and skin.

The world of dog food is confusing. We are constantly bombarded by different messaging everywhere we look. It’s hard to work out what’s best to feed your dog.

In 2018, we set up our own Sausage Dog Hotel (yes you heard read that right) We looked after hundreds of Dachshunds. Whilst we looked after these dogs we noticed a huge link between the food they were fed and the issues they had.

It all went back to the food! Poor quality kibbles and cheap wet food with big brand names, names we should have been able to trust. When I started considering the ingredients of these big company’s food I was surprised to see most of the food was cereals, grains, filler and around 4 % meat. My dogs were raw fed and I’ll be honest, I didn’t like it. They would often skip meals and id be left feeling awful that they had hungry tummies. I’d always been told kibbles were awful, right?

Well from what I’d just seen It was right what people were saying. I thought why not see if I can make a kibble that isn’t full of nasties and cheap meat and preservatives. So that’s what I did. We initially launched our food for Dachshunds only.

Soon we were inundated with customers asking if we could supply their non-Sausage with the food too as their dogs had tried our food and now won’t eat anything else!

So here we are and Boop was born.

We often get comments about how our food is different from others? Why does my dog who won’t eat anything else and is super fussy loves Boop!

So why are we different to most?

Boop is different because, we know where all our ingredients come from. We can trace them back to the farms and fisheries. 

We transport our meat in cold transport vans before gently cooking it at 90 degrees to retain the nutrients.

We use a trademarked manufacturing process which allows more fresh ingredients to be used in dry pet foods than any other extrusion system in the world, including fresh meat and now fresh vegetables, herbs and ‘botanicals’.

We pack our food with up to 65 % fresh ingredients (most kibbles have around 4% meat in them)

Everything we use us Human Grade, the meat, the oils and the storage.

Because of this our Kibble is one of the most nutritious, delicious (your dog will smell the difference)