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Dog-related food problem? Help is here!

How is the food made?
We use the latest technology to create a food that doesn’t lose nutrients as its been cooked. Our ingredients are traceable to the farms and fisheries that they came from. All ingredients are transported in cooled vans and then slow cooked at 82 degrees to protect the protein so no goodness is lost.
What age can puppies go onto adult food?
Its recommended to feed puppy food to dogs up to 15 months. After 15 months they can enjoy our wide range of flavours.
How much should I feed my dog?
We have included a feeding guide on the back of each bag. You can also find this on each individual product page. Please check each flavour as it does vary slightly.
What does grain free even mean?
Grain Free Food Is food that isn't bulked out with cheap fillers such as corn, maize, rice and cereals. These ingredients often cause issues in dogs such as Itching, Runny Poos, Upset Tummys and behavioural issues. Our food is has a whole food base such as sweet potato eliminating these problems. If your dog has an allergy to potato then please see our Super Food range.
How long will a bag of food last me?
This will vary depending on how much you feed your dog each day. You can work this out by finding the weight of your dog and working out the grams of food they eat each day and dividing it by the bag weight i.e 2KG Bag = 2000 Grams Dog Weight 9 KG = 120 grams per day average Calculation 2000 / 120 = 16 Days of food
How will I know if my dog likes the food?
We know how fussy some dogs can be so we have designed sample packs of 7 flavours so you try before you commit to a larger bag. They can be found here - Is it good for dogs with allergies Our food is gluten, soy and grain free so yes!! We also offer a Superfoods range which has zero potato in making it suitable for dogs with a potato allergy
How can I track my order?
We ship through Royal Mail and Parcel Force. If you’ve picked a service with Tracking you will receive a tracking number with your shipment confirmation. Parcel Force 24 – Tracked ( Usually 24 Hours ) Royal Mail Standard – Not Tracked ( 5-7 days ) Royal Mail Tracked 48 ( Usually 48 Hours ) Royal Mail international – Tracked ( 5-7 Days ) All of the above services come with Tracking apart from Royal Mail Standard
How much is shipping?
Parcel Force 24 – Tracked £5.70 Royal Mail Standard – Not Tracked £3.00 Royal Mail Tracked 48 £4.80 Royal Mail international – Tracked £5.11
Where are the ingredient’s sourced?
Our Ingredients are sources in the UK mainly but where they aren’t available we use European suppliers.
Whats the best way to store the food & treats?
Whats the best way to store the food and treats is in a cool dark place.