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Yak Chew - Boop

Yak Chew

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Yak chews are incredible for bored Dogs!

The hard texture means Sausages have to soften and work at the treat before they’re rewarded with small pieces to chew off. So you get to keep them happily entertained for a lot, lot longer.

You can also put the small end pieces in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds until they puff up. Allow to cool and then give back to your dog to finish the treat.

 Extra Durable

Super long lasting treat

100 % Natural 

Rich in Protein  & Calcium 

Helps fight Plaque and Tartar 

From Farm to Bowl.

All of our ingredients are ethically-sourced. Unlike other brands we know where our ingredients come from. Bone-appetite!

  • 🌱 Fresher.
  • 🌱 More Digestible.
  • 🌱 More Nutritious.